Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Alex Elgier and Cecilia Quinteros - Hiken! (2017)

  • Free jazz
  • Improvised music 
  • Avant-garde 
  • Experimentalism 
  • Electro-acoustic

Comment: first of all, these 27 minutes and some seconds additionally are sexy and puckish. It is played by a man and a woman thereby creating a sultry synergy between each other. Furthermore, the finishing part of the composition is quite eargasmic and ending with a powerful culmination. In fact, it starts off in the same manner. On the other side, it is prankish because of consisting of an improvisational set which in turn consists of an innumerable amount of chords and abrasive key appearances on the piano and the cello respectively as if played on a prepared instrument with an extended technique. I would prefer to call it modal jazz because both instruments used to progress in different directions to eventually meet each other in mutual areas in a quite agitated and frantic way. Like demonstrating the clash between the sexes. And thereafter getting together again. Like the human life supposedly used to be. That's cool, I mean highly ear-provoking even if it is quite austere and abrasive by its instrumental park. Musically it used to be a play with angularity and deformations where the chords will get partly broken and then repaired again. Intensity is a third component within the formula. And it is the basic cycle of the cooperation. The intriguing  outing is a bit in the discography of Pan Y Rosas Discos, a dwelling place for experimental music worldwide.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Neil Scrivin – Twenty Years On Ben Nevis (2008)

  • Ambient 
  • Drone 
  • DIY 
  • Electronic music 
  • Lo-fi 
  • Dreamwave 
  • Drone pop 
  • Organcore 
  • Mood music

Comment: just discovered that Blackpool musician Neil Scrivin`s both albums Twenty Years On Ben Nevis, and Tomorrow`s World are uploaded at Bandcamp, both of them are remastered and are available in tape format being now closely related to such Blackpudlian imprint as Fonolith. However, my intention is to review it as a bit in the discography of Rack &Ruin Records, a record label reflecting upon an interesting microscopic sonic space at the end of the 00s, and the beginning of the 10s. Rack & Ruin Records had been heading by the Englishman Dean Birkett from 2008 to 2011 whose taste was DIY friendly while experiment orienting. There was up enough noisy indie, peculiar folk-based issues, clumsy lo-fi and bedroom masterminds, warped electronic and deranged ambient-alike stuff. If to name only some artists I would like to denote such artists as Gnomefoam, starstarstar, Tropical Australian Stinger Research Unit, Zgress, Chad Golda, Patrick Hussey, If The People Were Paper, Tyson Brinacombe, Hipster Youth, Dog Bite, Cody England, Gnouli Monsters, Vincent Lillis, The Macadamia Brothers, Lean Horse Marathon, Frost Faire, dessktop, Andy`s Airport Of Love, Chimney Fish. This album of 14 compositions which will clock in at a 35 minute is a sublime drift within droning ambient coated electronic music where the listener can perceive dreamwave-tinged seeds to appear. It is almost (indie) pop music but I have to emphasise the word almost. It is being always admirable if electronic music is produced in dreamy mode (to do it one hs to surpass the mechanical, machine-drenched nature of it). In fact, such sort of sound would mostly get popularized some years ago after the recent release thanks to such artists as Oneothrix Point Never, M Gedded Gengras, Steven Hauschildt. All of that is the contemporary counterpart of Kosmische Musik where adorable vibrations and otherworldly beatific drones are followed by one another or superimposed on eath other. While listening to it you do not need nothing else for your fortune. It sounds like going backwards the past you could find the future from it waiting for you. Originally it was released in 2007 yet at Rack & Ruin it was released one year later.  

[Teaser of the day] Erich Schall - Night Prism

  • Minimal techno
  • Deep techno
  • Alternative dance
  • Electronic music

Artist: Erich Schall
Release: No. 7
Label: Phonocake
Year: 2017

[Teaser of the day] _bew_ - Glock Dub

  • Electronic music
  • Dub
  • Glitch dub
  • Breaks
  • Alternative
  • Dub electro
  • Broken beat
  • Urban music
  • Glitch-hop
  • Crossver
  • Dubtronica

Artist: _bew_
Release: _dubs_EP
Label: Acroplane
Year: 2008

[Teaser of the day] Klaus Marten - September Reprise Pt 1

  • Experimentalism
  • Avant-garde
  • Drone
  • Abstract
  • Microsound
  • Leftfield
  • Ambient drone
  • Experimental electronica
  • Microtonal
  • Ambient

Artist: Klaus Marten
Release: September
Label: Self-released/Bandcamp
Year: 2012

Good Shade – Lunch (2017)

  • Punk rock 
  • Pop rock 
  • Alternative rock 
  • College rock 
  • Psychedelic rock 
  • Power pop 
  • Agit-pop 
  • Pomp rock

Comment: this 15-notch album is the second in a trilogy by considering such topics as access to quality meal (as the title hints at), possibilities to moving upward the societal ladder and disparities in power and privilege. And it is largely influenced by the election of Donald Trump as president. For Shane Natalie who is behind the project it is adverse event. I have no intention to consider the last mentioned aspect but the first mentioned aspects should be more balanced within a society. Of course, total equality as an idea is a sort of utopia because people are different by their abilities, intelligence and wishes and fortitude. We must have no intention to repeat the practice of Red Khmers through a million of corpses. Given that the state as an institution should be as thin as possible and as much be presented as it is needful for a citizen. In a word, the human being needs that basic needs as vitamin enriched food, shelter and solid education could be fulfilled. And for a talented and hard-working individual there should be possibilities to move forward both educationally and therefore socially. Yet do not forget a most important thing – a human being can still be classified as animal and his/her life is a tremendous fight. The societies are still in a latent state of war, i.e all human beings are fighting against each other even if there are the appearances of collaboration. Musically the whole relies on power pop/punk rock/college rock numbers while at times adding psychedelic spices with fingertip. I wish the artist would have added more madness and hystery and exaggerated energy to the music to add more credibility to support his message. At times it chimes in a way too sabbatical mode. The sensitive outing is a bit in the discography of Quote Unquote Records.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Hu Creix – Gorgeous Sins (2012)

  • Electronic music 
  • Electronic pop 
  • Art pop 
  • Singer-songwriter 
  • Alternative 
  • Dark ambient 
  • Techno pop 
  • Electro-indie 
  • Synth-pop 
  • Electro pop 
  • Krautrock 
  • Dub 
  • Ambient pop 
  • Psychedelic

Comment: Hu Creix is an interesting artist at least it can be assumed while listening to this 10-notch outing. Unfortunately I have not had enough time to put spots on other releases by him. As the title says it is about sins as much or less as he used to sing and recite here and there. These are small things and habits on its own but important to him. Or giving a fuck to more murky themes like death and having no future. Indeed, most of the compositions presented over there are instrumental ones. It must be said it is an album of balance both emotionally and musically and even stylistically. From chugging electronic and indie tinged music to some gloomy ambient glimpses. For instance, the title track reminds me of Kraftwerk when the legends were to move forward from early motorik to tranquil electro and techno pop. Hydro Key continues with the same path while adding dub inflected electronic effects and spaced-out psychedelic music and cool jazz whiffs to the mix. Astonishing stuff. Great dub. It talks about smoking as well. The release is a part of the discography of Sirona-Records, the prolific French imprint. Oedine is a beatific, atmospheric progression based on a pitched-up, lengthy droning of a Southeast female voice and being backed up by calm rhythms and swirling electronic effects. The most blissful composition on it without any doubt. That reminds me of Holger Czukay's Canaxis 5 and a composition called Boat Woman Song. RIP Holger we miss you! At Shoot Me Hu Creix sings I look out of the window I hear the birds are singing but I don't care. Oh yeah, it sounds so elegantly arrogant and lofty and even absurd yet the result is all but absurdity yet it makes my face smiling. In a nutshell call it excellent yet deformational (pop) music.

Panchasila - Cumbia Hindu

[Teaser of the day] Keijo - Already Here

We Have No Zen!

  • New Weird Finland
  • Forest folk
  • Free folk
  • Avant-garde
  • Minimalism
  • Experimentalism
  • Ambient
  • Weird folk
  • Psych-folk
  • Drone
  • Leftfield

Artist: Keijo
Release: ATEASE 
Year: 2011

[Teaser of the day] K.M. Krebs - Between The Firmament And Our

Webbed Hand

  • Avant-garde
  • Experimentalism
  • Electronic music
  • Dark ambient
  • Drone
  • Illbient
  • Leftfield

Artist: K.M. Krebs
Release: Oneiromancy
Label: Webbed Hand
Year: 2005
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